Do you remember our review of a sneaky game about avoiding guards, stealing treasure, and escaping without anyone knowing you were ever even there? If so, today we would like to share our quick and stealthy interview with the developers of this very exciting game.

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Before we start we’d like to thank the Two beards games Team for participating in our interview and for answering all of our geeky questions! Thanks Guys!

…and without further ado, our interview begins…


The Interview

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about Stealth – hardcore action, could you kick-start this interview by telling us a little about your studio and what drew you to Game Development?

We started making games about 3 years ago. We came into game development because of another crisis in our country. 😃 There are 4 people in our team with different views on how games should look and work, but we come to a common opinion.


First question. What was the core idea (or inspiration) that sparked the development of Stealth – hardcore action?

At the time I was playing Hitman. Generally, I like games of this genre. Eventually, I thought, why not do something like this on smartphones. Of course, our game is nothing like Hitman (and the other games that represent this genre), but the most important idea has been preserved – to pass the level and be unnoticed.


What were the hardest problems you faced during the different development stages of Stealth – hardcore action?

Probably the most challenging part of developing the game (in its initial stages) was creating the AI security guards. Because it was the first time we created AI. In the later stages of development, it was optimization.


For our nerdy Developer Fans, what programming language and or software did you use when developing Stealth – hardcore action? And was it a good decision?

We used Unity and C#. We think this is one of the best solutions for developing games for indie developers. It saves a lot of time during the development.


What advice would you give to a new player trying Stealth – hardcore action for the first time?”

Don’t get caught.😆

(Edamame Reviews) All the advice you need…😂


Where do you get your inspiration or ideas from?

Well, usually it happens like this – “Oh, let’s do it!”. We write down the idea and if a week later someone still remembers it, then we start thinking about its further development. Probably the experiences from other different activities not related to IT affect us.


If you were to participate in a Developer Interview (like this) again, what would be the dream interview question to answer? If you have one, please tell us the question and the answer!  

(Q) In the long term development (more than 6 months) what thoughts arise about the game, and how do you deal with them?

(A) In such long time frames, there were several times when we thought thoughts like why are we doing this? Maybe it would have been better for us to do everything a different way? Maybe gamers don’t need this game? Usually, it helps just not to work for several days and do something else.


A few words to Stealth – hardcore action fans on Edamame Reviews. Any new games in the near future? What can we look forward to next?

When the “Stealth – hardcore action” was just released, many people wanted us to add a map editor and online features. “Stealth – hardcore action” was not originally conceived with such features, so we decided to create the game “Invisible shadow”.

This game develops the basic ideas of “Stealth – hardcore action”, but with increased capabilities such as a map editor and asynchronous multiplayer. The first stage of the alpha test has passed and we are adding new content now and fixing bugs. A major update will be released soon. You can find details about the game here:


Lastly a few words on how you feel about Edamame Reviews and our service.

This was an excellent opportunity for us to show off our game. (And is a great opportunity for other small studios as well) We think that every developer will be happy.

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