Are you a fan of the extremely popular Acrophobic Nightmare of a game called Sky Dancer (by Pine Entertainment)? After taking one look at the latest and greatest game released by Ketchapp we instantly know what the title would be for this quick review. What if Ketchapp published Sky Dancer…?

Sky Ball (by Ketchapp and Mempic) is a game that perfectly illustrates just what Sky Dancer would have looked like if it were published by Ketchapp… Set in a minimalistic world filled with floating platforms just waiting to be jumped off, your mission in this game is to speedily jump from one platform to another without messing up and falling down into the endless void below… We would “so” love to play this game in VR…😱

Played using (exactly the same) swipe-based controls as in Stairs (by Ketchapp and Yuri Sanachev) even the loading screen is exactly the same(!) making us wonder weather Ketchapp could secretly be working on its own proprietary engine for the top-developers they work with? …or we could be totally overthinking the whole situation… Either way, if it means more fun games for us to review, we aren’t complaining!

Unlike Sky Dancer that pretty much requires you to jump to the next closest platform every time, Sky Ball gives you just a little more freedom in how you jump from one platform to the next.

Featuring 2 fairly common (Powerups) that will either Boost the speed of your ball and/or Jumps that make your ball jump (pretty obvious), by selectively landing on platforms with these sorts of powerups, you can quickly build up a high score thanks to the extra points you get with airtime + the extra time you have to think and decide where to land next.

With a simple 3D design, a strange bug on Android that causes every second game to crash (this should be fixed fairly soon), and not too many Ads, Sky Ball is a game we really enjoyed testing out. Players who are afraid of virtually falling from great heights, Beware…! 😅

The Conclusion

If you aren’t afraid of heights and would like a fresh new minimalistic game to test out your skills, Sky Ball is a fun little game we really enjoyed testing. That being said, we never want to review this game in VR…

Want to give Sky Ball a try? The download link is just below.📲
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