Do you love sneaking around your local mall like some undercover agent in search of that perfect pair of blue jeans? If so, Stealth (by Two beards games) is a game you seriously need to check out! …so that you can finally stop creeping out the other customers…😱

Stealth is a game about stealthily sneaking around a minimalistic map and stealing stars without getting caught. Guarded by a bunch of highly skilled guards that react to different situations a lot like how actual people would, your mission in this game involves sneaking past, strangling, and dragging unconscious guards out of the view of others. …scarily realistic…😅

Although the concept is very hardcore, the graphics aren’t. Set on a minimalistic stage (or map) made up of different shades of blue, with white and red dots to represent conscious and unconscious guards, yellow stars to collect, and not much else, this game is more about the gameplay than it is the visuals.

…and the gameplay is awesome! Featuring 100 unique levels for you to puzzle your way through, the levels in this game don’t show an obvious solution – like in some other games we have tested – occasionally leaving you in some very puzzling situations. Part of this is probably also due to the fact that there are no collectible items or power-ups scattered around the stage, meaning the developers haven’t left you any hints as to how to clear any of the levels in this game! Besides the helpful in-game tutorial of course…😜

Played using either a Static or Dynamic (On-Screen Joystick) or a set of (4 Arrow Keys) Stealth offers a bunch of different options for you to control your player, which is great – although the longer you play this game the more you will learn to appreciate actually having a physical joystick. The controls are great for mobile, however, they are still far from ideal.

If this game was available for anything with a physical joystick, I would buy it right away.💸

The Conclusion

If hiding, sneaking and knocking out small white dots sounds appealing to you, Stealth is a game we highly recommend you check out! Although puzzling, it definitely isn’t slow or boring…

Want to give Stealth – hardcore action a try? The download link is just below.📲
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