If you’re the type of guy (or girl) who likes to mentally simulate what it might have been like to march into one of the major wars fought throughout history, today we’ve got a game you need to have on your smartphone! Epic Battle Simulator by (Rappid Studios) is the most accurate battle simulator available! …or at least, the most accurate battle simulator for mobile that is…

Epic Battle Simulator 2 is a game about skillfully choosing and positioning your troops on the battlefield in order to defeat your opponent. With accurately stupid soldiers on both sides and a wide variety of soldiers for you to choose from (from Fist Fighters all the way up to highly trained Assault Soldiers), the only thing preventing you from swarming your opponent with 100,000 Suicide Bombers is… money… and a cap on the number of soldiers you are actually allowed to buy… 😅

With an unspecified number of levels for you to test out your skills as a warlord, Epic Battle Simulator 2 is simple and easy enough to play. Featuring (Touch and Drag) controls similar to that of any Maps application on your smartphone (e.g. Google Maps) Epic Battle Simulator 2 makes it incredibly easy to position and re-position soldiers on the battlefield, not that this makes the game any easier…

As you progress through the game, you will be required to think more and more about strategies before each battle. Although you technically could probably power through each of the many different levels in this game, (if you purchased all the “epic” characters), unless you are willing to empty your wallet, coming up with cunning strategies is going to be the key to your success.

No matter how challenging a level seemed, we were always able to find a practical means of clearing it using the troops we were given. Even if that meant getting totally obliterated a few times in the process.💀😭

With surprisingly good looking low-poly graphics, a somewhat respectable UI (User Interface), and a whole heap of Ads that thankfully can be skipped on Android, Epic Battle Simulator 2 is a great game to have on your smartphone. Especially if you enjoy bossing people around.😜

The Conclusion

If you think that accurately simulating how “50 drunks would fair up against a dragon” might actually be fun, this game was literally designed for people like you. Unfortunately, it can’t accurately simulate just how much better (or worse) your life will be if you choose to download this game, which means you’ll just have to try it for yourself! 😆

Want to give Epic Battle Simulator 2 a try? The download link is just below.📲
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