If you enjoy playing games with a steady progression from “Simple and Easy” to “Stupidly Difficult” Smash Run (by BIGDOG GAMES) may just be the perfect game for you… Set in a beautifully crystallized 2D stage, your mission in this game is to avoid obstacles, collect gems, and figure out how new obstacles you’ve never even seen work, all while on the fly…!

Starting out fairly slow and easy, Smash Run is played by swiping (Left and Right) or (Up and Down) on the screen of your device in order to speedily switch between 3 lanes and avoid hitting any obstacles. The overall speed at which your player moves through the stages in this game doesn’t seem to speed up (or slow down), however the number and kind of obstacle you are faced with DO change…😅

As you progress through the game, you begin to see less and less standard obstacles that simply block your path, and instead begin seeing more and more obstacles that move, suddenly jump out at you, or do something you’ve never seen or experienced before!

Although there are obviously going to be limitations (you can only play the same game so many times before it starts to feel a little repetitive), unlike some mobile games that feel repetitive after the first 5 minutes of gameplay, Smash Run will keep you on the very edge of your seat until you eventually figure out what everything does and how to counter it… And who knows how long that will take…?

With a very clean set of visuals, a bunch of highly copyrighted skins such as Robot M (Iron Man), Supernova Hero (Captain America), and Wind Ninja (Naruto) just to name a few, and a number of different themes you can switch between at any time, Smash Run is a great little game to have on your iOS or Android device!

Our only complaint is the rather cluttered Home Screen UI (User Interface). Everything else is great! 😆

The Conclusion

If you’re in for a game that looks (and is) easy until you are hit with something totally unexpected, this is the game for you. Although we aren’t sure just how many curveballs this game has stored up its sleeve, for players who don’t enjoy repetitious games, this game will have something different waiting for you every time!

Hopefully, it won’t get old too quickly…

Want to give Smash Run a try? The download link is just below.📲
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