Puzzle games like Sudoku have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and for good reason – they have a simple, relaxing formula that players find compelling and even addictive. Generally published in newspapers, Sudoku has found a home and a better interface on mobile phones. But Sudoku isn’t the only puzzle game around: Trestle is a new game for iPhone that brings a newspaper puzzle to the modern era.


Trestle is simple: every circle has a number on it, and you draw bridges between them. Fill a circle by connecting it with enough bridges. Fill all the circles to win.

Though easy to learn, Trestle puzzles get harder and harder as you add more and more circles. Traversing more than 700+ levels, we loved that the level maps get new bright and beautiful colors as you progress. The app works entirely offline, making it great for train commutes, planes, or just whenever you’ve got a spare second. If you find yourself stuck, Trestle has a hint system (and unlike many other free-to-play games, you’re not forced to pay for hints).

While playing Trestle levels, you’re racing against the clock – you can even race friends in real time!

Bright and beautiful colors!

Paper to phone

Trestle is actually based on Hashiwokakero, a Japanese puzzle published frequently in newspapers, like Sudoku. We were surprised that no other app had a great interface for this fun puzzle – connecting the circles feels perfectly natural on iPhone, and Trestle has so many little things (like the circles bouncing back into place when you stop drawing a bridge) that you can’t get in a newspaper.

As a one-man indie developer, Ark Apps learned a lot developing Trestle – we’re grateful to the player community for so much valuable feedback on things like zoom and scroll interface, the hint system, and new level sets. We’ve even seen some players beat a whole level set in one day – if you can do that, let us know!


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