Spin Addict – Does it have what it takes to become your next gaming addiction?

Spin Addict (by h8games) is a game about a spinning bit of glowing wire that seems to have a thing for spinning in circles. For anyone nerdy enough to recognize the name, h8games also happens to be the creator of the ultra-popular game Helix Jump which – although much more successful when it comes to popularity – looks way cheaper graphically.

Spin Addict is one of the best looking games we’ve had the pleasure of checking out since the start of 2019, which is kind of funny considering we are pretty sure it was released on Android either at the same time or before Voodoo published Helix Jump in March of 2018. (Although we could be wrong since Spin Addict is no longer available on Android?)

Anyway, jumping into the gameplay, Spin Addict is a game about avoiding the many different obstacles you may find in a futuristic junkyard as your player (a small-ish cluster of spinning wire) makes its way along an endless stretch of steel rod.

Played by either swiping up on the screen of your device in order to make your player jump or by swiping down to rotate the rod your player is on by 180º, Spin Addict is an endless barrage of fast decision making! Your player will gradually move faster and faster, giving you less time to think before you are faced with the next obstacle you need to avoid!!

Are you sure you need more stress in your life…? …Just Kidding… 😜

Although the game does get reasonably challenging over time, it starts out relatively easy which is great for new players who aren’t exactly sure what they are doing. Unless you’re a crazy gamer who plays Super Hexagon before breakfast, you will likely enjoy the slow speed at which this game starts out.

Moving on to the graphics, much as we said they are amazing, they aren’t exactly the main focus. The graphics in this game are perfect in that they don’t stand out. Instead of jumping out at you like some sort of energetic 5-year-old begging for attention, they do an excellent job of making you feel as though you are actually in the game – which is much harder to get right than making something look kind of cool…

The Conclusion

If you’re after an avoider game that does an excellent job of taking you 50 years into the future where robotic junkyards are everywhere and people no longer control planet earth, this is the game for you!

Hopefully, people will read this review 50 years from now and laugh at our stupidity… If there are any humans left… 😱😱😱

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