Glitch Dash – The FPV avoider game you need to know about

FPV (or First Person View) is the standard viewing angle in most modern shooter games if you ignore what is currently the world’s most popular shooter game Fortnite (where players play in 3rd person view). So why not create a mobile game where players play in FPV? …well, Why indeed…

Glitch Dash (by David Marquardt AB) may just be the first 3D FPV avoider game we’ve tested for mobile – if you ignore Smash Hit (by Mediocre) which is kind of an FPV game although the concept is more about smashing obstacles and less about avoiding them.

Anyway, jumping into the game, you will quickly discover that this game is well… Kind of confusing…! You see, when you play in FPV your field of view is a whole lot narrower than what you are probably used to on your smartphone since most mobile games are either played in 3rd person view or top-down view, which means you will need to overcome a  bit of a learning curve in order to get past even the first level.

Luckily there is a super easy tutorial designed to painlessly guide you through this process, and it actually kind of works, which is great!

That having been said, once you are done with the tutorial and thrown into the world to fend for yourself, things can get a little bit tricky. Things that seem intuitive when you are staring down at your player from some high place in the sky, no-longer seem so intuitive when you are actually playing as that small pixelated dot you see on your screen.

In panicked situations, we actually had trouble remembering which way we had to swipe in order to move left or right which normally wouldn’t happen when playing any other game. It’s surprising just how much of what we consider intuitive design is linked to our perspective.

Getting back on topic, if you really want to play a first-person avoider game, Glitch Dash is a really awesome game we think players will likely enjoy. That having been said, the learning curve (for us at least) was a lot higher than we were anticipating, making us think that less motivated players may not stick around long enough to really get the hang of this game.

The Conclusion

With a total of 8 challenging levels for you to check out + a number of other exciting features hidden away for you to discover 😉 Glitch Dash is a great little avoider game so long as you are willing to put in the effort to figure out how it works.

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