Hang Line – this guy should be an Avenger!

I think we can all agree: “Video games are amazing.” In most cases, the characters you play as in a video game are far stronger than you or I are in real life which is what allows you to hurl massive boulders aside with ease, SPARTAN CHARGE through pretty much anything and take on dragons 10 times your size!

Hang Line (by Yodo1 Games) is a game about a guy looking to give Spider-Man a run for his money. Set atop an icy cold mountaintop, your mission in this game is to save stranded survivors who were caught up in an unexpected avalanche – we suspect was probably caused by you… You should see how much snow this guy causes to fall down “every” mountain he climbs… 😱😱😱

Anyway, getting back onto the gameplay, Hang Line is played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to fire a grappling hook at large chunks of showy mountaintop, allowing you to swing from one part of the mountain to the next rescuing stranded avalanche survivors as you make your way to the top – not unlike how you see Spiderman swinging from building to building in the middle of New York City.

This in itself is really cool, but what makes things even crazier is just how strong your player is! In most games we’ve played which are based on a similar game mechanic, your player is faced with some sort of deadly obstacles you can’t smash into without some serious consequences. In Hang Line, it almost seems as though the developers forgot to make the player damageable.

Out of the many games we’ve played, we only once managed to damage our player enough to game over, and this is after having our player smash into rock walls, get crushed under boulders, and free-fall what would probably be a few hundred meters before finding something to grapple onto!

We are by no means complaining about this. In fact, we think games that feature almost indestructible players are awesome and we would honestly love to see more of them! If you are one of those players who actually enjoy playing games that have a tendency of killing you every 15 seconds or so, this probably isn’t the game for you, but for anyone else, Hang Line is a fun new game you’ll probably find easy to get used to thanks to just how rough and tough your player is.

The Conclusion

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to climb an icy mountain using nothing but a grappling hook, this is the game for you. It would just probably end a whole lot worse if you actually tried to do it in real life… 😂

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There are a few levels, but in general, the game is less action-packed than the screenshots seem to make out. (Not that it is a bad game or anything…) If you’re good at these types of games it may take you some time to get to a point where you start to find it challanging.

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