When was the last time you played a runner game that wasn’t endless? Where the track or course didn’t change? It’s been quite some time since we’ve reviewed a runner with an end, so here is one, our review of Rolling Sky.

Rolling Sky is an extremely difficult game. At first we didn’t actually realise we were reviewing a runner that had an end and were expecting the stage to randomly regenerate itself again as soon as we pressed the retry button. Luckily for us, the moment we hit retry off we were again from where we had started.

Why is this good? Well, with runners that have an end, after playing through the same course 5 to 6 times you’ll begin to remember the positions of different obstacles, allowing you to prepare for them before they strike, allowing you to in a sense, “see the future!”

The way you control your player – a red ball – in Rolling Sky is easy, with simple tap and drag controls moving your player around dropping, smashing, blasting, and spinning obstacles is easy… As long as you’ve played the stage a few times😉

Plus, if you’re a fan of cool graphics, the console style 3D graphics used in Rolling Sky are awesome and add a nice overall feel to the game.

The Conclusion

If you’ve got a moderately fast reaction time, and a good memory that needs exercising, we may have just found the game you’ve been waiting for!

Want to memorise something other than equations for a change? Why not try Rolling Sky? The download link is just below😉

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