Aroow is an extremely well made game for a new developer team – Seriously, this game is awesome – unfortunately, it’s missing in one key area, “Playability”

In both the graphical department and the game design department, Aroow is amazing. To think that this game was created by two guys as an after work project is almost scary. We really can’t wait to see what they come up with next. (They’re not exactly beginners though. See the interview below.)

Unfortunately, Aroow is extremely difficult, sometimes so hard, we’d dare say it is “Actually Impossible.” This is more than likely due to “Developer Difficulty Standards”.

As Norman Rozental the creator of Rise Above once stated in an interview,

“I had played the game so often that I became an expert at it (Rise Above). I needed to find the right balance of not too hard and not too easy. It’s hard when you become an expert at your own game. There is a danger of making a game too hard for everybody else!”

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Personally we found this game just a bit too far on the impossible side for our liking, but who knows? This may be just the game you were looking for!

With beautiful graphics, a solid game base, and an almost limitless number of customization options, there’s nothing – other than difficulty – to complain about😉

Mini Interview

How long have you made Apps or Games for?

Our ‘moonlight’ studio started a few months ago. This means we (2 of us) started making a concept for our first game a few months ago, and we made it after our day jobs and during weekends. But we use every minute of it!

We’ve worked in the game industry for 5 and 4 years as a game developer and a UI designer. That is a total of 9 years of experience combined! 🙂 Just not on our own projects.

Is this your first creation?

This is OUR first creation. (The first of many let’s hope.) But countless if we add projects and games we did and still do in companies we work for.

What do you use to make your apps or games?

Development: Unity,

Design: Hand drawings, Adobe products (whatever we need, whenever we need it)

Other: Google and Pinterest! 🙂

So, tell us about your app!

We made this game to answer a question: What does it look like to have an action game with tranquil, zen relaxing ambient in it? We hope we made it!

The game explores how much can we simplify things and still get the engaging and fun gameplay in the end. Well, you can be the judge of that. 😉

Creation of the app was a great way to isolate ourselves with something we really want to do.

(Intrigued? Why not give it a try! The download link is just below.)

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