Police Runner – The simple cute avoider game you’ve been waiting for?

Yesterday we published a rather blunt article describing how we feel that casual games are changing in a way that doesn’t benefit anyone. Today we’ve got a game that brings back some of that excitement we felt when casual minimalistic games were new things on the market!

Police Runner (by Ketchapp and Tarboosh Games) is a faced paced avoider game centered around dodging police cars using your superior drifting skills and maybe just a tiny bit of luck… 😅

Set in a minimalistic 2D word where pretty much everything other than the cars and the skid-marks you leave behind are a single color, Police Runner is played by tapping on the left and right sides of your screen in order to swerve past and around police that seem to sort of have a thing or two for emoji… 😜

Unlike some racing games where your car’s base stats outperform your opponents from the very beginning, Police Runner throws you in at the deep end with a car that performs the same – if not a little worse than your pursuers – forcing you to work on your skill rather than simply running away!

For anyone who played PAKO Forever a game we featured 1-2 weeks ago, Police Runner doesn’t have any obstacles for you – or your pursuers – to crash into, making the game both easier and harder at the same time.

If you’re a fan of the simple minimalistic mobile games that shaped the industry into what it is today, then this is a game we think you will really enjoy – even with all the Ads. 😂

The Conclusion

Although it’s hard to pinpoint what it is about this game that feels so new yet nostalgic, there is something in Police Runner which has a special place in our heart, and we hope you will feel the same way.

Want to give Police Runner a try? The download link is just below.📲
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