PAKO Forever – Dying is so easy in this game… 😂

In 90% of the games we’ve played so far that involve cars, it is almost impossible for you to die. It has always amazed us how our battered and smoking car – we’re not great at racing games – manages to build up speed and sometimes actually overtake the player in first place at 120MPH…

PAKO Forever (by Tree Men Games) takes things to the opposite extreme with cars that almost seem as though they are powered by dynamite! …one small bump with a police car, a sign, a tree, ANYTHING, and BOOOOM!!! 🤯💀

…remembering that we aren’t the best at racing games, (from 2 sentences ago), you can probably already imagine just how great we are at playing PAKO Forever…

Surviving for longer than 30 seconds in this game feels almost impossible! Played by tapping on the left and right sides of the screen in order to steer your vehicle, the key to paying PAKO Forever is to skillfully swerve around trees, parked cars, and other such obstacles in order to crash police cars together in an endless chain of fiery explosions.

Obviously, this is much easier said than done, and in most cases, you will either end up smashing into the obstacle yourself or find yourself speeding toward a head-on collision with next to no warning at all.

Similar to the items you can collect in Mario Kart – which by the way should be launching on mobile next year! – there are items you can collect in order to make playing the game a little easier, but not a whole lot… You still need skill in order to play this game well…

The Conclusion

If you love playing games that put you on the edge of your seat right from when you first pick it up, then this is the game for you.

Although incredibly difficult, PAKO Forever is one of those games you just won’t mind dying in every 15 seconds, just so long as you survived 1 second longer than you did in your last game…😆

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