Hyper Jump – Get a High Score in seconds! …or die even faster…

Tired of playing Helix Jump by h8games and VoodooIf so, today we’ve got a game based around a similar core mechanic, only much faster… and well, a little easier to die in…

Hyper Jump (by Hyper Mania) is a game about jumping up a 3D pipe (or tube) dotted with large round gummy blobs which can be used to bounce your ball up to an amazing new high score!

Played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to rotate the center pipe, anyone who has a relatively high score in Helix Jump shouldn’t find this game too difficult – although the speed is insane!

In part due to how the game is designed, Hyper Jump is designed in a way that makes triggering a speedy chain reaction stupidly easy. Needless to say, the first time you trigger one of these reactions, you will likely freak out and GAME OVER…

Once you begin to get used to the overall speed of the game and can start to take advantage of some of the more prominent chain reactions, you will soon learn how to build up a relatively high score fairly quickly – although the transition from “LIGHTNING FAST” to just “Fast” the moment you exit a chain reaction is still catching us off guard…

With a simplistic 3D design that looks a lot like something Voodoo would publish, a fairly standard number of Ads, and that’s about it! Hyper Jump probably won’t be our next gaming addiction, but it is fun to play every so often!

The Conclusion

If you “feel the need, the need for speed!” …and you happen to suck at playing racing games on your smartphone, (this is definitely *maybe* not being written from experience), then perhaps Hyper Jump is a game you will want to check out?

Our high score is 6k! Beat that!! 😂

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