Have you ever drifted around a corner in the racetrack, zoomed up beside your opponent in 1st and thought to yourself: “If only I could ram this guy out of the way…” Well now you can in the single craziest racing game(?) we have seen in a long time.

Outrace (by Armnomads) is a racing game which can essentially be played in two ways. The first way, (the gentle way), is to swipe left and right across the screen of your device in order to squeeze into gaps between cars before releasing in order to accelerate into that space – allowing you to overtake your opponents with relative ease.

The second way is to make this entire process a whole lot more brutal by ramming into the cars beside you, quite literally knocking your opponents out of the race! This option is not only more brutal and entertaining, but it actually builds up nitrox which will propel your car forward at a tremendous speed, (smashing past all your opponents), once it reaches a certain level…

As a game, Outrace is simple and very well made, although we don’t expect you will want to play this game for over 5 hours in a single sitting. The levels get fairly repetitive, and although you are given a car every few levels, it probably won’t be enough to keep you entertained or addicted during a 9-hour flight or a long road trip.

Although the repetitiveness of the game does get a little annoying over time, for the short term, Outrace is a simple and easy game to both learn and play, making it ideal for players who need something you can play on and off for 2-3 minutes throughout your day. The controls are simple, the graphics are nice, and there are plenty of levels for you to enjoy!

Just remember not to drive the way you do in Outrace once you actually hit the road…

The Conclusion

If you’re in for what may just be the simplest racing game we’ve played all year, (if in fact you can call Outrace a racing game…), then this is the game for you!

Fast, fun, repetitive, and very, VERY destructive…

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