Are you a Classic Pinball fan? We’ve got to be honest, we’re more of a fan now – after reading Lamestar Games’ Article – than we were at the start of last week, which is part of the reason we are sharing our review of Pinball Fantastic.

Pinball Fantastic (by Lamestar Games) is a simple pinball game for iOS and Android featuring almost everything you’d expect from a classic pinball game and even a little bit extra.

Set on what may just be the cutest “Pinball Table” we have ever seen (is this correct Pinball terminology?) your mission in this game is not only to prevent your ball from dropping out the hole at the bottom but to also shoot your ball up at small flying creatures that float around the top area of the screen.

By hitting these floating creatures, you can not only gain extra points and powerups but can unlock the “Final Star” which is required to complete the level.

For anyone who has played a pinball game on mobile, the game is played exactly how you would expect it to be played. Simply tap on the left half of the screen in order to activate the left paddles, and on the right half in order to activate the right paddles.

Although cute, simple, and 100% Ad free, this game (like every other game) is by no means perfect… Currently, the biggest issue (or annoyance) we noticed when playing the game was the inconsistency in speed. Every so often the game will go into Slow Motion which actually makes the game look as though it is lagging… It actually took us a while to realize that the slowness was deliberate, which isn’t exactly something you want as a developer.

Other than that, there weren’t any huge issues we experienced when playing Pinball Fantastic. A fun little game with cute doodle graphics.

The Conclusion

As you may have noticed, this review doesn’t have our usual: “We were not hired or paid to feature this game. If it’s bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad”, the reason being Lamestar Games is our latest Patreon supporter! Woo-Woo! 😆🎉 Thank you!

This doesn’t mean our review of Pinball Fantastic is fake or dishonest – it’s just our way of being the fairest review site we can possibly be.

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