Pinball Fantastic – The Cutest Pinball Game Ever!

Did you know pinball was banned in the US for almost 40 years? Since coin-operated pinball was invented in 1931, it has gone through many eras and changes. Pinball Fantastic aims to once again change the way people play the age-old game of pinball. Designed specifically for mobile, the game boasts simple controls, and a pick-up and play type design that is unique to the genre.

As a huge pinball fan, I knew it would be a challenge to capture the essence of pinball on a mobile device. About a year ago I decided to merge my love for game design and pinball. I started work on what would soon become, Pinball Fantastic, borrowing some of the basic elements of pinball. Combined with a super cute kawaii aesthetic, Pinball Fantastic stands out from all other pinball games.

Pinball Fantastic

How to play?

Pinball Fantastic is a simple take on a classic game. Tap the pinball to plunge it onto the playing field. Each board contains creatures and objects you can hit, ultimately capturing them and earning points along the way. Tap the left and right sides of the screen in order to engage the left and right flippers, respectively.

Instead of trying to recreate the physical game of pinball on a touch screen, I applied some of its most basic elements and redesigned them around a short, mobile play session. The faster you complete the level, the bigger your score is. Pinball Fantastic has simple controls and exciting gameplay that is fun for everyone!

Pinball Fantastic


– Adorable cute creatures with “kawaii” inspired art.
– Enjoy fun stages for a wide range of skill sets.
– Gratify your pinball urge on 4 unlockable boards.
– Delight in simple controls and mechanics.
– Take pleasure in an original soundtrack with 11 songs.


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Pinball Fantastic

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