Assuming you don’t hack it, Merge Plane (by Merger Games) is a cross between a simple “Clicker Game” and a “Merging Game” you may just have a lot of fun playing.

As people begin to realize that aimlessly tapping on the screen of their device isn’t exactly all that fun or exciting, clicker games have gradually begun to evolve more and more into games that mostly play themselves – only requiring input from the player every once in a while – and Merge Plane is no exception.

Played by merging planes together in order to create bigger and better planes that make you more money – Merge Plane is an endless loop of merging planes together and sending them off in order to make you more money you can then use to buy more planes. ENDLESS!!!

As you progress through the game, planes will become more and more expensive, allowing you to ignore the game for a few days before checking up on what you can upgrade. Needless to say, this game will continue to run even while the app is closed.

Because you are only really meant to play this game for 10 minutes at a time, Merge Plane does feature quite a few Ads you’ll need to sit through if you intend on playing this game for a while.

Although this becomes less of a problem once you’ve progressed to a point where you are only playing every few days, when you are just starting out (and playing all the time), the number of Ads featured in Merge Plane does get kind of annoying…

The Conclusion

With a simple design, a simple gameplay mechanic, and more planes than you can ever dream of unlocking Merge Plane is a fun little game for iOS and Android you can play on and off while still getting somewhere.

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