OK Golf

Do you remember our review of what may just be the prettiest golf game we have ever seen on mobile? If so, today we would like to share our interview with the developers of the gorgeous low-poly golf game OK Golf.

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Before we start we’d like to thank the Okidokico Entertainment Inc. Team for participating in our interview and for answering all of our geeky questions! Thanks Guys!

…and without further ado, our interview begins…


The Interview

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about OK Golf! Could you kick-start this interview by telling us a little about your studio, yourself, and what drew you into the gaming industry?

Okidokico was founded by myself and Moussa Khan. We both met at Ubisoft Montreal on Far Cry 3 and shared a passion for making unique gaming experiences that eventually culminated in OK Golf.

Personally, I have been in love with games since the age of 7 when I was experimenting with BASIC on the Sinclair Spectrum. I grew up in an age where the medium of games was constantly changing and new game experiences would come out each year. Living through that age of discovery really shaped me and what I wanted to do with my life.


Ok, let’s start talking about OK Golf… What are the highlights of your latest release?

Well, we’ve been taking a bit of a break from updates for the last few months, but our last proper release was a compilation style course, with holes from different locations previously in the game.

Our initial roadmap was always to go this far and then see what else we could do with it. We’re pretty pleased with some of the visuals on the holes that we’ve managed to pull off.



What was the core idea or inspiration behind OK Golf? And perhaps more importantly, where do you find inspiration for your games in general?

OK Golf actually started life as a city simulator! I was making the tech for the terrain and just put a sphere on it to test some visuals when I had a flash of inspiration. Game ideas come from anywhere. Sometimes you are looking for them, but most of the time the best ones just pop into your head from nowhere!


How long was OK Golf in development for? And are there any interesting and/or exciting moments or experiences you would like to share with us from that time?

OK Golf was in development for about 18 months before the initial launch. I’d say the most exciting moment was when we got featured on the App Store! But other than that, when the game first truly came together and we realized we had something, that was a special moment.


What software, developer-tools, or black-magic(?) did you use when making OK Golf? Is there anything you would like to share with the developers who read Edamame Reviews?

We used Unity to make OK Golf, and I wrote a custom tool for generating the terrain that makes it look the way it does. It was worth it to go the extra mile to make it have a distinctive look from other low poly art in games, but the side effect was that it took a lot of work in the long run!


Is there any secret “developer-advice” you can give our lucky players who read this interview?

There’s a cheat mode that lets you play all the holes without unlocking them if you are struggling.


What can we expect to see in OK Golf or from Okidokico Entertainment in the not so distant future? What do we have to look forward to next?

I don’t want to give too much away but we’re back to making courses on OK Golf, so we’ll have a new course out soon and hopefully more afterward. Other than that, we should have one or two new games out in the near future as well.


Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to our awesome team of Writers, Developers, and Patrons who keep Edamame Reviews up and running?

Thanks for the great review! We look forward to reading many more in the future.

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