It isn’t every day we set out to write yet another epic review only to find that the game we are reviewing is kind of getting hammered on the App Store… 😅 Why do some people love this game while others obviously hate it? This is our review of Mars Power Industries.

Mars Power Industries (by 7A Games) is a game about setting up power-plants on Mars in order to supply power to the small colony of people living on the dusty red planet. Reading this far, if you are anticipating a “Sim City” style simulation game, this game almost certainly isn’t for you.

Although kind of surprising, Mars Power Industries isn’t actually a simulation game. It’s a puzzle game…

Played by dragging small powerplants onto a tilemap stage, Mars Power Industries is all about the order and position in which you place things onto the gridded stage. If you manage to supply power to all the facilities on the map using the powerplants you are given, you win. If not, you’ll simply have to play around until you find a solution that works.

For someone who plays a lot of puzzle games, the puzzles you start out with in Mars Power Industries do feel kind of easy, however, this will obviously change once you progress on to the harder levels in the game.

With 60 challenging levels, No Ads (kind of obvious since it is a paid game), and a simple yet very artistic design, Mars Power Industries is a nice little puzzle game. If you were expecting a simulation game, you will likely be very disappointed…

The Conclusion

As a puzzle game, (since that is what this game actually is), Mars Power Industries is a fun little puzzle game you can play on your iOS device while on the go. Since the puzzles aren’t too difficult, most players should find the puzzles in this game fun and enjoyable, even if you aren’t the best at solving puzzles yet…

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