Depending on “who” you are playing with, golf can be a relaxing way to enjoy a warm and sunny afternoon. Unfortunately, not every day is warm, sunny or a weekend, so for those days in which real golf isn’t really an option, OK Golf is a stylish new golf game for your iOS or Android device.

Right off the bat, OK Golf (by Okidokico Entertainment) is an incredibly good looking game. For anyone who has ever been fascinated by the model buildings you sometimes see displayed in supermarkets, hotels, and real estate agents, OK Golf looks like a collection of miniature golf courses you can actually play on.

Featuring a simplistic low-poly 3D design and full control over your camera angle (via simple swipe-based controls), OK Golf makes it feel as though you are actually playing on a model golf course. This is not only cool, but it also gives a slightly different feel to the game you don’t really get in other golf games we have previously featured on our site.

Another interesting thing to note is the overall lack of gimmicky features – such as Burning Golf Balls(!), Poison Darts(!), and Oversized Golf Clubs…!!! 😱😱😱

Instead, you are greeted with a plain golfing experience which probably removes more features than it actually adds to the game. With no control over what club you use, wind speed, or anything else like that, we would dare say Wii Sports from back in 2006 had more functionality than OK Golf.

Although this could be considered a negative by some, we feel that this overall lack of features actually enhances the gaming experience, making OK Golf feel more like a real game of golf and less like a video game.

The Conclusion

OK Golf is a difficult game to conclude. Although we liked the game’s simplicity, some will no doubt feel the game is too simple, meaning it is ultimately up to your personal preference as a player…

Quality-wise, what you’ll be getting is a decent product with gorgeous visuals, intuitive gameplay, and no Ads. 😉

Want to give OK Golf a try? The download link is just below.📲
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