Anamorph – Turn a headwind into a tailwind… ↩️

Turn around, turn a headwind into a tailwind. The easiest way to overcome a difficult situation is often as simple as changing your perspective on the world around you. Don’t believe us? You need to play Anamorph!

Anamorph (by Steve Snyder) is an awesome new puzzle game for iOS about changing your perspective. Played using a cluster of colorful dots, a little like a small galaxy, your mission in this game is to spin and rotate this small galaxy of dots until you eventually see an object you recognize. That’s it.

With no hints (unless you really need them), no time limit, and a total of 40 handcrafted levels for you to attempt to solve, Anamorph is by far one of the hardest puzzle games we have ever reviewed. Even if you know what the object you are looking for is, you’ll still struggle to figure out just which way you need to rotate your cluster of dots in order to really “see” the object you are after…

Where most new games are loaded with features for you to unlock, and small tricks that are supposed to keep you addicted for hours, Anamorph features just the bare minimum. A bunch of challenging puzzles for your iOS device you’ll struggle to complete…

The Conclusion

Are you in need of a change in perspective? Why not give Anamorph a try? You’ll likely be surprised at just how many different ways there are of looking at a small cluster of dots on the screen of your iOS device… 😉

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