Are you a master dogfighter? Well, you’d better start your engines because the battle has already started! Thunderdogs (by Lucky Kat Studios) is now available on iOS and Android!

Thunderdogs, by a studio which literally has the word “Cat” (spelled Kat) in their name, is a game about Flying Dogs – shooting one another in an all-out open-air battle royal – where the prizes for your bravery are well… Bones… ☠️

Set in a beautifully pixelated 2D world, Thunderdogs is played using a virtual on-screen joystick on one side, (in order to move around), and a simple tap to fire mechanism which allows you to fire your guns as well as unleash special attacks on unsuspecting opponents.

For anyone who grew up playing Super Smash Bros, you should already know just how important the smash ball is if you’re playing to win. Thunderdogs features a similar sort of gameplay mechanic with countless weapon crates scattered randomly around the stage!

Unlike the smash ball, these crates randomly house 1 of about 6 different weapons, and can be found “Quite Literally” everywhere! Just for reference, you will find more weapon crates than health kits which is actually a little annoying, especially when you are running seriously low on health!

Although we used the word “Battle Royal” to describe the gameplay in Thunderdogs, unfortunately you won’t be winning any chicken dinners in Thunderdogs.

A lot like the (.io) games that took the internet by storm in 2016 – 2017 each time you kill an enemy they just spawn back into the game. Although this is good for quick 1-minute gaming sessions, we sort of wish there was a mode where you could actually win.

The Conclusion

With cute pixelated graphics, hardly any Ads, an abundance of characters and upgrades for you to unlock, and who know’s what’s more to come(!) Thunderdogs is yet another fun game from Lucky Kat Studios about dogs… we still don’t get that…

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