PARADE! - The Rhythm Battle

Have you ever wanted to parade through the busy streets of New York followed by an energetic band of Penguins, Dogs, Cats, Elephants, Bears, Zombies, and Rubber Ducks? Well, now you can thanks to this absurd rhythm game you never knew you needed…😅

PARADE! (by Tilt Games and UKN) is a swipe-based rhythm game about battling and collecting participants for your animal parade. Featuring a set of nicely animated low-poly graphics, your surroundings in this game are almost all reactive, responding in some way or another to your actions as well as the background music.

Played like an endless dance-off rather than a classic rhythm game that – in most cases – focus on a single song, your mission in this game is to mimic the dance moves of the many animals you are put up against in order to add them to your parade. As you progress through the game, you will be faced with harder and harder challenges, requiring you to not only react faster but mimic increasingly difficult dance moves without messing up.

Every 6 or so battles, you will be faced with an extra challenging boss battle, which is where you will be able to unlock new animals to add to your parade. Boss battles require you to perfectly mimic the dance moves of your opponent twice without messing up. This can be surprisingly challenging – especially if you’re not the best at rhythm games – but don’t worry, you have a second chance!

Unlike a lot of games where one miss and you GAME OVER, PARADE! gives you practically an unlimited number of re-tries so long as you don’t mess up 2 times in a row.

The first time you miss a move, a UFO will float in dangerously close to your payer, and the second time you mess up, you’ll get abducted and GAME OVER. If you successfully mimic the dance moves of your opponents without messing up, the UFO will lose interest in your player and float away… 🛸

If you enjoy playing ridiculous games like AMAZING KATAMARI, PARADE! features some similar vibes that will probably fit in perfectly with your style of gaming!

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for something fun and ridiculous, this is it! With a gameplay system that is simple enough for non-rhythm gamers to enjoy, while still being difficult enough to entertain die-hard rhythm game fans, this is a game we can see ourselves playing for a long time to come…🎵

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