Love Balls (by Super Tapx) is a very difficult game to Google without winding up somewhere very interesting… to say the least… Although we do question why anyone chose to call this game Love Balls, if you’re in for a cute doodle style brain trainer, you’ve come to the right place!

Set in a 2D world that looks like, smells like, and is probably a notepad, your mission in this game is to help two colored balls meet up with one another using nothing but a pen and the power of simple 2D physics.

Played by drawing on the screen of your device in order to build bridges, create buckets, and propel your player(s) in whatever direction you need, there isn’t a single “correct answer” in this game, meaning how you solve the different problems you are faced with is basically up to you and your imagination!

One thing you’ll want to note early on is the less ink you use the better. At the top of your screen, you’ll find a bar which indicates just how much ink you have used, and how much you are permitted to use while still ending the level with 3 stars.

Some levels will seem impossible to complete with 3 stars – especially considering just how little ink you are permitted to use – but that is where your imagination and creativity come into play.😝

With a total of 240 levels for you to puzzle your way through, a moderate to high number of Ads – you may want to disable Ads if you intend on playing all 240 levels – and a few different skins for you to unlock, Love Balls has pretty much everything you could ever want or need from a simple 2D puzzle game.

The Conclusion

Are you ready to put your creativity to the test? If so, Love Balls is yet another fun puzzle game for iOS and Android we recommend you check out. If only it had a better name.😅

Want to give Love Balls a try? The download link is just below.📲
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