The Vikings

For those of you who know, you may at this point be wondering how many variations of essentially the same game a single indie studio can make. And, for those of you who don’t, this is one of many violent stickman games from BYV you might just want to check out…

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The Vikings (by BYV) is essentially the same game as The Archers, The Archers 2The Spearman and probably many more games based around essentially the exact same core mechanic – slaughter as many stickmen as possible before you inevitably die and GAME OVER. …so beautiful…😅

Played using an intuitive slingshot-style control system similar to that of Angry BirdsThe Vikings is a very easy game to play control wise, however, it will probably take you a few tries to figure out just how hard you need to pull back in order to actually hit your target. BYV makes it extra difficult by not giving players any guides to help them aim (or visualise their shot), making the game a little tricky to play at times.

As you progress through the game, your skills will obviously improve, allowing you to kill more and more enemies before they inevitably kill you. Each time you kill an opponent, you will receive 1 – 4 coins which can be used to purchase new weapons as well as shields and helmets to power up your player!

With both a “Single Player” mode, a “Multiplayer mode, and an “Online Multiplayer” mode – that takes forever to load but does sort of work – The Vikings is a game we would recommend to anyone savage enough to want to see Stickman Blood…!

The Conclusion

Are you ready to test your skills at throwing axes at random stickmen? If so, The Vikings as well as pretty much every other game from BYV is the perfect game for you!

…although fun, they are pretty much all the same…

Want to give The Vikings a try? The download link is just below.📲
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