One Tap Tennis by Chillingo – Review

Do you like Tennis? We do! …or at least “some of us” do… So when the Chillingo team released their newest title, One Tap Tennis – a Tennis game that is supposed to be playable in one hand – we couldn’t resist!

(Question) Is One Tap Tennis playable in one hand? (Answer) Yes it is. End of review… just kidding…😁

Taking a closer look at this game, the game itself is actually a simple timing game just like Pop the Lock or The Bomb!, but unlike these two games looks amazing. If you’d like to see it for yourself try downloading these 3 games and compare only the “game” aspects of each and you’ll no doubt be surprised by how similar these 3 games actually are.

Both One Tap Tennis and the two games listed above base their gameplay around timing, more specifically, “Tapping on the screen when a “ball” or “line” is directly above a certain point.” If you really think about it, this is a brilliant concept to base a Tennis game around, and is no doubt what makes up a large portion of this game is brilliance.

The other portion is of course, “quality” and when it comes to quality Chillingo is awesome! With surprisingly athletic 32 bit characters and an overall Tennis like feel this game is an amazing tennis game you can play single handedly, without using frustrating tiny joysticks that are really, just plain annoying!

Whether you’re a crazy tennis fan or a developer looking to find that perfect idea for their next viral game, One Tap Tennis is a game that we enjoyed both as gamers and as game developers.

If you need a little more Tennis in your life, how about trying this game? You know, your thumb needs exercise as well😉

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