Cross Crush Gems by Hequan Li – Review

  • Do you like puzzles? (Yes) (NO) 
  • If (yes) we have another amazing game for you.
  • If (No) we’ve found a nightmare…

Cross Crush Gems is a game that could be your next favorite brain trainer or a monster that will appear in your worst nightmares! Based entirely around thinking ahead, this game is – simply put – a nightmare for action packed battle game lovers.

For people who actually like these sorts of games…

Cross Crush Gems is a game based around eliminating gems placed almost randomly on a gridded board. Obviously the gems aren’t placed randomly, there is a method to the madness… “somewhere(?)”, but it’s almost impossible to figure it out until it’s too late…

You play the game by tapping on an empty square that connects two or more identical objects to eliminate them. Just listening to the concept this game should seem like a relatively easy game, seriously all you do is line up gems how hard could it be? Very…😰Cross Crush Gems_SS2

This game is potentially the most unforgiving puzzle we’ve ever reviewed on Edamame Reviews. Let’s say you have 4 gems on a single board, and you accidently eliminate 3 of them on your first move. The puzzle is already unsolvable…😱

Since in most puzzles there are at least 3 different colored gems, small mistakes like these soon add up and before you know it, you’re stuck…

If you’d like to strengthen your ability to think ahead Cross Crush Gems may be the game you’re looking for. As for us… we’ll stick to our action packed space shooters…😓

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