Pop the Lock

Ok, before I begin this review there is one thing I must make clear. It is almost impossible to rank this game’s difficulty. Because this game is based entirely on your reaction time, some may find it easy while others may think it’s impossible, there is really no way to rank it.

Pop the Lock by Simple Machine, LLC is a really cool little reaction time trainer that’s perfect for using on busses, cars, trains, and even planes.


You can play it singlehandedly!

For anyone who has used a padlock with a dial on the front, Pop the Lock is essentially one of those.

You are basically unlocking a lock by touching on the screen the moment the dial reaches a yellow dot representing the place to stop.

The higher you go the more rotations are necessary to unlock the lock, meaning more chances of messing up somewhere…

If you would like a game that simply trains your reaction time, one that doesn’t suddenly speed up, or suddenly jump to an impossibly hard level for some unknown reason, if you want one that just does its job, I haven’t come across a better app… Yet…

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