The Bomb! by BoomBit – Review

Have you ever had to defuse a bomb? Probably not… but who knows when the dreaded time will come? The time when your wife or girlfriend straps bombs to all the precious items (i.e. Junk) she insists on you throwing away… Who knows…

In preparation for when this happens – if you don’t believe me ask your dad, he’ll know… – today we’ve got a new game from BoomBit every guy needs to try.

The Bomb! is a simple game about timing and explosives. Each bomb is a simple 4 wire rig and along each wire runs a current. In the middle of each wire is a small green area – a sweet spot as such – which is the only place you can use to stop the current’s flow.

Your mission in this game is to tap on the wire the moment the current passes through the wire’s sweet spot in order to break the wire without detonating the bomb. As the levels increase so do the bombs and the wires. At level 8 you’ll need to cut each wire twice in order to detonate the bomb! And at level 24…😱

The Bomb!_SS1 The Bomb!_SS2

If you’re terrified that the time of “cleaning your room” is growing near, this is a game you need to play urgently! And for those… the unlucky ones who have already lost everything… you should probably still play this game…

Who knows, it may help you defuse the bombs of sadness left behind by a great loss….

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