Sparkwave by Crescent Moon Games – Review

In gaming, reaction time and snappy decision making are everything! Do you agree? If you do, and believe that when developers get these two fundamental elements right, games are the best… We’ve probably just found your next favorite game.

Sparkwave is a crazy game when it comes to reaction time. The entire game concept is based around “Speed!” So for anyone who dislikes fast paced games, you’d probably classify this game as a nightmare. We’re warning you!

The game is based on a lightning fast line, and a constantly moving path made of hexagons. Your mission in this game is to follow the path of hexagons while avoiding obstacles and collecting power ups. The concept is simple, but the actual gameplay is almost impossible…

Now for anyone who has played a lot of these “Impossible” games, you’re probably wondering what happens once you leave, or fall off the stage? That’s where Sparkwave get’s interesting! Sparkwave has no official bounds. There are no borders! If an obstacle is too big or the path between two is too narrow, you actually have the option of just going around!

Of course this comes at a cost. Leaving the stage uses a huge amount of energy so you can’t leave for too long, but in desperate situations, this awesome feature makes Sparkwave just a little more playable – and difficult – at the same time…

Sparkwave_SS1 Sparkwave_SS2

For all of you who are obsessed with impossible “hexagon” games – what is it developers have with hard games and hexagons? – Sparkwave is a difficult game that’s only just a little easier than Super Hexagon

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