Blackbox by Ryan McLeod – Review

How good are you at thinking “Outside the Box?” Some of us may be really good, or really bad, but most of us are probably somewhere in between… Today we’ve got a new game that will no doubt make you wonder if you’ve “ever” thought outside the box of your smartphones screen...

Blackbox is a puzzling game that will no doubt have you looking like a bedraggled chimpanzee in about as much time as it takes to make a cup of coffee. If you don’t do well with puzzles involving thinking outside the box, you may be better off not even trying this game…

To give you an idea of what the game is like, here’s a simple puzzle.

“Looking down at your smartphone you see a completely green screen. After a few moments the words ‘Find Blue’ fade in at the center of your screen. Tapping on the letters doesn’t do anything but take you back to the home screen, and shaking or shouting at your phone only brings up an alert box telling you to calm down…”

Where is Blue?

If your answer was point your device at the sky, you’ll probably love this game.

Blackbox - think outside the box_SS1 Blackbox - think outside the box_SS2

If thinking outside the box is a chore for you, this game definitely isn’t for you.

However, if you like thinking of different ways to do things and would like to see just how stuck fast to rules you truly are, Blackbox will amaze you!

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