Nom Cat by Lucky Kat Studios – Review

In the past we’ve reviewed quite a few games that seem to twist your brain in ways it’s not supposed to go… Most of the time these annoyingly difficult games require you to control two players at once while achieving “simple tasks.”

Today, we’ve finally found a “playable” simultaneous game! This in itself is amazing, but best of all, it’s filled with cats!

Nom Cat is the ultimate game for any serious cat lover! Your mission in this simple yet difficult game is to help your favorite cats eat their dinner while stopping them from accidentally eating the “bombs” mixed in with their food.

Fish mixed in with Bombs are thrown up in the air above your two furry friends, and rain down into their open mouths “while you’re touching the screen.” Your job is to help your two cats open and close their mouths so as not to miss any fish, while also preventing them from accidently eating any bombs…

The game concept is exactly the same as 2 CarsDouble Trouble Chase, and Go Ballistic, but unlike these three games, is much more playable. Plus, if you ever get frustrated Nom Cat has super cute cats to cheer you up – and hopefully prevent your smartphone from destruction…!

Nom Cat_SS1 Nom Cat_SS2

Your favorite cats” …is this line still puzzling you? Well, if you haven’t figured it out from the screenshots, Nom Cat allows you to feed almost every popular cat. Nyan Cat, Garfield, and even Grumpy Cat are all available as unlockable players!

Seriously, for anyone who loves cats, this is the ultimate cat game

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