When you think of time travel, we’re guessing you probably don’t think of a cyborg professor with a grappling cannon for an arm, and a strange thing for moving anti-clockwise… How do developers come up with concepts like this!? We have no idea…😅

Grab Lab (by DIGITAL MELODY) is a 2D adventure style puzzle game about – you guessed it – a cyborg professor. Set in a cutely pixelated 2D world, your mission in this game is to tap on the screen of your device in order to fire your players grappling arm up at whatever is directly above you. Hopefully nothing too deadly. 💀

Your professor will automatically wander around the stage in an anti-clockwise motion, casually defying gravity as he walks on walls, on the roof, or even into buzzsaws and deadly spikes(!) as he bravely wanders around in search of flasks filled with a yellow-pink liquid we assume is what powers his time machine.

Your mission in this game is as much about collecting flasks as it is keeping your professor away from danger…

As you progress through the game you, you will be given opportunities to unlock new characters as well as genetically modify two characters you previously unlocked in order to create something new!

With over 30 characters for you to unlock and 100+ challenging levels for you to survive, Grab Lab should last you quite a while, although probably not as long as Push Sushi (by ZPLAY and UNIT5).

During our slightly shorter than usual time testing Grab Lab, we did stumble upon one small thing we found kind of annoying. Although Grab Lab doesn’t show too many Ads, the Ads in this game are (1) incredibly easy to accidentally tap on, and (2) restart the game on iOS when you do!

This doesn’t mean you will lose all your progress or anything, however, it does mean you will need to wait as the game re-loads everything before setting you back at the Start Screen, which gets’s kind of irritating after a while…

The Conclusion

Overall, Grab Lab is a really fun little game that sort of reminds us of the games we used to play when mobile gaming was just starting to take off. Back when Cut the Rope, and Angry Birds were just starting to become really popular.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing.😅

Want to give Grab Lab a try? The download link is just below.📲
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