Push Sushi – This ISN’T how you are supposed to eat sushi!

Do you enjoy playing those simple puzzle games about sliding wooden blocks around a wooden box in order to slide a red block out of the side within a given number of moves? If your brain is currently like (????), you’ve probably never had the pleasure of playing one of these surprisingly fun and challenging puzzle games… 😉

Push Sushi (by ZPLAY and UNIT5) is a game about pushing sushi logs around a wooden bench in order to clear a path for your main-sushi-log to exit from. Although easy enough to play in theory, you’ll probably find it incredibly challenging to clear each level within the minimum number of moves you are given – especially as you move on to some of the more difficult levels in this game… (If you’re finding this a little difficult to imagine, please check out the video above.)

Played using a simple set of swipe-based controls, Push Sushi totally overhauls this simple wooden game with a modernized cute 2D design, 51 unlockable sushi skins, and a grand total of 2,100(!) challenging levels for you to puzzle your way through, this game is GOING TO LAST YOU quite a while.😅

For skilled players, (not us), you may actually find the 2,100 levels in this game a little cumbersome as you are required to work your way from Beginner to Master by collecting the stars in each set of levels which isn’t a problem for players like us, but for those extra skilled players who would rather just start with the really challenging levels like in Flow Free, sadly that isn’t going to be happening here…

With not too many Ads, an obvious answer to the puzzle you are working on always just a few steps away, and no time limits, this is the type of puzzle game you could play on and off for months without getting tired or bored. The only real downfall – which probably isn’t really a downfall at all – is that Push Sushi practically throws new skins at you meaning you’ll probably run out of new skins to unlock pretty quickly!

The Conclusion

If you can spend hours working out simple puzzles, this is a game you’re going to love! On average it takes us about 2 min to solve each level x 2,100 levels = 70 hours of puzzling fun!!!


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