FlashFlush – A new type of arcade game

Mobile games have revolutionized the game industry and are sweeping mobile smartphones everywhere as a nice and pleasant way to kill some time during the day and evening. In fact, there have been a significant number of new games released since mobile phones reached a level capable of supporting them, and continue to become more and more entertaining.

As the mobile gaming industry continues to grow and new games are released on a regular basis some have noticed that there is a pattern of repetitive games with very little premise to it.

Myself and many others have always enjoyed games that have a feeling of purpose and that give you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Those feelings are what most gamers seek – as games are a temporary escape from reality – so when MTStudios develops a game, we keep that in mind as our main focus.

So without further ado, I am happy to present FlashFlush.

About the game

We’ll save you the “most addicting game” and “noob vs pro” Ad routine seen all over social media. It’s old, it’s annoying and I understand that, but I will say FlashFlush is addicting, fun, and enjoyable among other traits.

FlashFlush is a clash of arcade and strategy that is super fast-paced – three seconds to be exact! In the 45 available levels, you are given a total of three seconds to collect 6 diamonds in order to complete the level. You’ll have to hone in on your problem solving and finger skills to navigate through the platforms and red X’s.

The controls are smooth, nice, and easy to use, as a lot of development time went into focusing on not having clunky, annoying controls. You simply take your finger and drag it through the level avoiding anything that is not a diamond!

FlashFlush is a new type of arcade game because it’s not the typical shooter or platform game. It’s an enjoyable, puzzling arcade game that you don’t often see which is why I want to bring it to you! Test and improve your skills today and play one of the most satisfying games MTStudios has released.


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– 45 awesome levels for you to play through
– 3-second shield available to use
– Daily bonus worth 10 diamonds
– Bonus diamonds for completing a level worth 20 diamonds
– Golden diamonds placed throughout levels worth 10 diamonds
– Inexpensive in-app purchases
– Three characters to choose from (on sale now)
– Ability to share progress
– More to come!

About MTStudios

MTStudios is a small solo game development company based out of Indianapolis Indiana, USA. Formed in 2017, with a few games under our belt, the company continues to grow, learn, and strengthen our game development skills as we try to form a consumer base that enjoys free, fun games, for everyone, anytime.

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