Got a few minutes while waiting for a pepperoni pizza at your local pizza place? If you weren’t living in the age of the “pocket-sized supercomputers” we call smartphones, now would be the perfect time to play a few games of pinball… but now in 2017…?

Games such as PinOut! are truly amazing(!), and really give us a sense that we are living in the future our parents could only dream of as kids. However, as the people actually living in this amazing future, sometimes we need something a little simpler.

Swish Ball! is a cross between the classic Pinball and Basketball you never knew you wanted. Played using classic touchscreen style pinball controls, (touch on the left or right sides of the screen in order to trigger the left or right paddles), your mission in this game is to pin your ball up and into a basketball hoop as many times as possible without losing your ball. GAME OVER…👾

Easy as this may sound, your pixelated basketball is a surprisingly speedy thing to keep track of, making it difficult not to slip up and GAME OVER just before beating your previous high score…😫

Yep, Swish Ball! is one of “those” games…

With nice retro style pixel graphics, a number of different balls, hoops, and themes for you to unlock and 2 game modes – “Arcade Mode” and “Time Mode” – for you to conquer, Swish Ball! packs just enough retro-ness and 2017 chaos for you to enjoy!

The Conclusion

If you’re in need of a game you can play for 5-10 minutes while you wait for your pizza to come out of the pizza oven, Swish Ball! is the perfect game for you.

Although we once again wouldn’t recommend downloading this game as your only source of entertainment on a 9-hour flight, if all you need is a few minutes of entertainment Swish Ball! is just the game you need.

Want to give Swish Ball! a try? The download link is just below.📲
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