Are you happy with the future we are living in? As children, some of us actually believed that tiny robot battles would be all the rage among the younger, (and older😉), generations of 2017… Unfortunately, that future isn’t quite here yet…

Toy Attack is quite literally the next best thing to having a real battle robot sitting in your bedroom. For players who have played all the latest hits, Toy Attack looks to be – on the surface – just another clone of the popular game CATS, however, take a closer look and you will soon realize just how much deeper Toy Attack really is…

With a fully customizable gameplay system, Toy Attack actually requires its players to write code, (simple code, yet code none-the-less), in order to fine tune the movements of your battle robot under certain circumstances! Mind Blown!

Just like most games that require you to equip parts to your ship, player, or robot, each part in Toy Attack has its own characteristics, abilities, and upgrades, which is great yet pretty standard stuff in most games. Toy Attack takes things a step further by allowing users to adjust the position and rotation via an “Editor” or using “Code” depending what you want to achieve.

If this isn’t enough to get every nerd and geek on planet Earth excited, the colors of practically every bolt and screw are customizable, allowing you to create a robot that doesn’t look like a random collection of parts collected from some futuristic junkyard. And in case you were wondering, you don’t need to “unlock” colors, you are free to customize from the very beginning!

Now, you couldn’t call Toy Attack a fully customizable game without customizable avatars! Not only are your avatars customizable in Toy Attack, but they are customizable from the start, allowing you to start personalizing the moment you first open the game!

Although we are extremely excited about this new game, there are a few downsides we would like to see fixed in future. For one, the game isn’t exactly stable. During our testing, the game crashed multiple times, which luckily didn’t result in any data loss, but is still fairly annoying.

In addition to frequent crashing there doesn’t seem to be much of a tutorial which could make figuring out how to play this extra complicated game a bit of a headache for newer players.

Other than these two points, Toy Attack is one of the coolest games we have ever played, and we can’t wait to see how it will evolve in future…!

The Conclusion

Unless you have a strong distaste for anything to do with robotics we really can’t see anyone not enjoying this game to some degree or another.

Whether you like cool things, cute things, weird things, or all things pink(!), this game is sure to have something in it for you, which explains why it is so awesomely popular!

It is safe to say Toy Attack is our team’s new favorite game!

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