Egg Car – Whatever you do, Don’t Drop the Egg!

If you were given the job of transporting a massive egg over bumpy roads, steep hills, and equally steep valleys, how would you drive…? Chances are you would drive Very-Very Slowly…

Egg Car is a game about transporting a massive egg above your car without accidentally creating a disaster… Which is very easy to do…😓

Played using two buttons, (Move Forward and Move Backward), your mission in this game will – at first – seem like a piece of cake! Your car moves surprisingly smoothly compared to the vehicles you drive in Hill Climb Racing, and although the hills are steep they aren’t too steep to climb with a little speed! …this is the worst mistake you could ever make…

With nothing but 2 short walls on either side to prevent your egg from sliding off your car, a sudden boost/decline in speed is all it really takes to bump your egg overboard and GAME OVER💀

That said, with no way of adjusting how much power you accelerate with, you will need to take advantage of your surroundings – such as the hills and valleys – to gradually ease your car up to speed without bumping your egg overboard…

Although Egg Car definitely isn’t one of the easiest games to master, the fact that it is based heavily on simple physics makes it simple and easy to play without a lot of prior experience or practice.

With cute toy-like graphics, a wide range of cars to unlock, and a gameplay system that is simple and easy to understand no matter what your gaming ability, this is a game we would recommend to pretty much anyone!

If you enjoy simple physics based games or would like some extra practice before you carry that dinosaur egg back for lunch, Egg Car is a game you seriously need to try 🍳

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