Hill Climb Racing 2 – Everything is better! …or is it?

Hill Climb Racing was a super fun game. We played it, you played it, and 100,000,000 to 500,000,000 million others loved it too! …So when a part-2 hit the App Store and Google Play, we had to review it.

(For those who don’t know) Hill Climb Racing is a game about climbing hills using some form of transport – Mostly Cars – in order to gain coins, and points, but most importantly beat your previous record! In all honestly, the graphics are pretty bad, and the gameplay can sometimes be a little buggy, but somehow this made it all the more awesome!

Hill Climb Racing 2 is an entirely new game. The graphics are better, the overall functionality is way higher, and there are obviously way fewer bugs. Probably the biggest change is a new multiplayer feature which allows you to race players from around the world at any time!

Unlike in the previous version of Hill Climb Racing, this new multiplayer feature actually has a set goal meaning your race won’t go on forever. If you’re the type of player who loves racing “fast” but not “far”, this feature is for you!

The number of new features implemented into this game are awesome! …but is it all good? You see, to an extent we actually prefer the previous version of Hill Climb Racing over the new one because of its simplicity.

Although there isn’t a multiplayer feature, nor treasure chests to unlock, nor the insane number of new customization options, we think it is a fair tradeoff for the old version’s simplicity.

So which do you prefer? Features or simplicity? Please be sure to let us know down in the comments section below.

If you love simplicity the download link for Hill Climb Racing is here(!) for Apple Devices, and here(!) for Android Devices.

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