Who said mobile games and nightlife don’t mix?

There’s this perception with mobile games that the experience is a very private/personal experience and not a social one. Even when playing with other players online, the experience tends to be disconnected, distant. I can raid someone’s base in Boom Beach and check their score in Candy Crush as they flaunt it on Facebook, but it still feels like a removed experience, not one that we share together. If you’re out at a bar with a crew, and Sarah takes out her phone for a quick spin on Clash of Clans, that’s it, she is now locked away in her world while you all quietly sip drinks.

Mobile games are great for trains, buses, and dentist appointments, however, they are not really something you can whip out at a party. Do it and you have 5 people standing with drinks, all locked in their phones. But then the night progresses, someone pops out Face Swap and the shenanigans begin. Everyone looks at Sarah with Jono’s big head and goatee on the phone screen and laugh together.

So why are we not seeing more games you can play while out relaxing over a drink? Games that encourage group participation in our after hours-let’s-socialise-hangeries (like, places where we hang out)? Nothing too serious, just something to goof around with, like a fun little game you could whip out and play in a group, something you can play while waiting in the drinks line? See, I myself am also a gamer. I love playing games with friends, and I love going out and hitting the town. Bar themed games have always been my thing but quite frankly there aren’t many decent ones out there.

That’s what prompted us to come up with Serve It:

Serve It is an action packed bar swiper game where you swipe on your mobile to serve up drinks to thirsty customers at your exotic cocktail bar. See how many you can serve before the timer runs out, play well and you get bonus time. Then pass the phone over to whichever mate has had the most to drink and give them a chance to redeem themselves. Real simple, quick to learn yet hard to master, this game will test your memory, your speed and focus. But most importantly, it’s the kind of game you can whip out and play with friends on a night out, where you can all play together.

If you’re after a super complex MMO puzzle shooter-strategy hybrid (and you’re not on a bus or anything) then yep, next time maybe, but if you’re looking for a quick funny challenge, give Serve It a shot – the gameplay stands out in its simplicity, plus it’s got this goofy track that you can use to annoy other people. And it’s free.

This game is the first of a series around the same topic, and the next one’s looking pretty kooky, so if you like bar games and you enjoy this then feel free to get in touch with us (we love feedback and we’ll happily show off any pics of you playing on a night out), or follow us on: ConneD Games, Facebook, Twitter!

And as always, party safely and have a great day.

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