Do you enjoy playing simple games you can figure out and play within just a few seconds of picking up the game? If so, today we may have just found the ultimate game!

If your only goal when playing video games is to get an insanely high score, chances are we’ve just found your next favorite game. Don’t Get Spiked! is a simple game about bouncing a ball on 1 of 3 tiles without accidently hitting a clump of spikes and GAME OVER.

The game is extremely easy to play, (i.e. Tap on the left side of your screen to move 1 tile left or on the right side to move 1 tile right), and should literally take you less than 5 seconds to fully master! …but with a concept this simple, is Don’t Get Spiked! even a challenge…?

Definitely YES! As is the case with most games this simple, the only way to GAME OVER in Don’t Get Spiked! is for you yourself to make an obvious mistake… and who on planet earth likes to admit that they are obviously wrong?

Don’t Get Spiked! plays on our human nature/ego that prevents us from giving up(!) forcing you to play one game after another in a futile attempt to prove to yourself that you didn’t just fail at a game that looks like a test for 5-year-olds…

Think you have more skills than the average human? If so Don’t Get Spiked! is a game you seriously need to try. Who knows, you might surprise yourself…😜

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