DEFLECT – Deflect Everything! …even money…😭

DEFLECT (by KASUMUSHI) may be the single hardest game to actually collect coins/points/gems or whatever else it is you are actually supposed to be collecting. Where most games require you the player to actually perform an action in order to collect points, DEFLECT requires you to do NOTHING AT ALL!!! …so why is it so hard…😭

DEFLECT is a very simple game. Set in the middle of a mostly black screen, your mission in this game is to rotate a shield around a glowing white ball in order to protect it from abstract shapes that fly in toward you. A lot like the popular game Defend the Planet (by Argo Studio) from a few years ago.

Although the gameplay is incredibly simple and shouldn’t take you longer than 2 minutes to fully get your head around, for some strange reason, trying not to accidentally deflect the gears you actually want to be collecting seems almost impossible! Perhaps it is the fast speed at which things fly around the screen(?), whatever it is, collecting enough gears to unlock any new skins seems almost impossible!

…not because the game is hard, but because it is just so easy to accidentally deflect everything that flies in toward you…

Although this mostly happens more by accident than it does intentionally, you can sometimes deflect the obstacles that fly in toward you in a way that causes different obstacles to collide with one another, creating a sort of natural shield surround your player. Although it is cool when this happens, there doesn’t seem to be a system designed to give you any points for deflecting things into one-another, so this is probably just a very cool bug…

With a bunch of different skins for you to unlock, not too many Ads and not much else – good or bad – to interrupt your gameplay, DEFLECT is a simple new game for your Android device.

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a simple game you can play with minimal distractions, DEFLECT is yet another fun little game from KASUMUSHI you’ll probably want to check out.

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