It isn’t every day you come across a game that is so simple you instantly know how to play, yet so innovative you’re shocked no one thought of it sooner…! FLO Game (by Rogue Games) or just FLO for short is a game that will change your perspective on what is up (or down) in games forever.

With a gameplay system identical to that of Tiny Wings, Dune! – and an almost infinite number of other clones and copyright breaching monstrosities – at first glance, FLO looks like just another game from just another developer trying to “Win it Big!” making a clone of the popular gaming mechanic. …take a second look and you will soon be left scratching your head as you try to figure out just why no one thought of FLO (or at least a game “like” FLO) sooner…😅

Set on an identical stage to that of the millions of games listed above, your mission in this game is to switch the position of your player in order to continue sliding “Down Hill” forever. Made up of 2 constantly changing colors, (one above and one below), your mission in this game is to skillfully switch which color your player perceives as the ground by touching on the screen of your device.

Although difficult to explain in words, what you are essentially doing is turning an upward slope into a downward slope, allowing your player to slide downhill forever!

Using this simple yet complex game mechanic, your objective is to slide as far as possible until the edge of the world eventually catches up with you and GAME OVER. A lot like how you are trying to escape the night in Tiny Wings.☀🌙

With no additional skins, unlockable themes, or annoying display Ads, FLO features nothing but the bare minimum. (i.e. beautiful graphics, an exciting soundtrack, and a Facebook-based leaderboard system).

For players who enjoy playing games that actually reward you for your skills, not just how long you have played or paid, FLO is one of those games, featuring small tricks we know exist but have yet to fully understand. For payers with skill, this is a game you won’t be able to put down.

The Conclusion

For anyone who dreams of one day falling into an alternate universe where up is down and down is up, FLO is probably the best casual game for mobile we have played this year. Highly recommended! 😆

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