Almost all of our favorite dungeon games for mobile are from Nitrome. Although our original reviews are in serious need of a refresh, Rust BucketRedungeon, and Tower Fortress (all by Nitrome) are 3 of our favorite pixelated dungeon style games to date! …today we’ve got a new game (not by Nitrome) to add to that list…

Hoppenhelm (by Tobias Ornberg) is a game about a super dangerous dungeon, a brave knight, and lava! Set in a dungeon filled with treasures, lava, and enemies, your mission in this game is to hop your way as far into the deepest depths of the dungeon as possible before you eventually fall into a pit of bubbling lava and die…💀

…ok, there are other ways in which you can die other than lava…😅

Played using a simple set of 3 on-screen controls to make your player “Jump” to a new block, “Attack” with your sword, and “Block” with your shield, you will most probably spend most of your time frantically hitting the “Jump” button as you try to get from one crumbling platform to another before you are mercilessly dropped to your burning death!!

Once you begin to consistently pass 100 blocks you will start to need your shield, but until then, you can pass by most obstacles with just a sword.

In addition to a very well balanced difficulty curve, Hoppenhelm also allows you to collect a surprising number of coins early on in the game. This allows you to unlock cool new weapons and characters with different special powers and abilities, allowing you to quickly customize your gameplay based on your personal preference!

Our favorite is the 2nd suit of Armor and the Hammer. (One extra life + destroy spikes)

With graphics that make Hoppenhelm look a lot like something Nitrome would publish, (no offense Tobias Ornberg), Hoppenhelm both looks and feels great to play! If you are looking for yet another dungeon adventure game for your smartphone, this is a game you won’t want to miss!

The Conclusion

It isn’t every day you stumble upon a game quite this good. With great graphics, a solid gameplay system, and a surprisingly minimal number of ads, Hoppenhelm is a game we would recommend to players every day!You’ll struggle to find a game much better than this!

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