Defend the Planet – Only “you” can save us from doom…

Earth is an interesting planet to live on. With numerous different countries, people, and ways of living, though we may hate our neighbor, all up we all love this planet we call home… and now is the time to make a stand!

Defend the Planet is a simple game with a title that really explains itself. In this game your mission is to defend our home planet from a storm of asteroids using what may be the coolest feat of human civilization, two massive force shields!

Each shield covers roughly 1/4 of the planet meaning half the earth will constantly have protection while the other half is in danger. Your mission is simple, tap on the screen of your device to rotate the shields exactly 90 degrees anticlockwise allowing you to swap the regions protected by your two shields.

By carefully switching the position of your shields you can prevent asteroids from smashing into our planet thus saving the human race!

Although a very simple concept, Defend the Planet is a challenging game, that one day in future may become your full time job… There’s a scary thought…💀

If you’ve got your eye on becoming a planet defender in future, Defend the Planet definitely isn’t a bad place to start practicing. With beautiful 3D graphics and simple yet responsive controls, this game may just be the best training program yet.

Ready to commence your training? We hope your skills will never be called upon, but just in case, Defend the Planet may come in handy when a “crazy” doomsday conspiracy theorist’s theory turns out to have a “just a little” truth in it…💀

Who knows, you may be the one that saves the human race😉

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