Are you attracted to anything colorful that moves or flashes? Well, that is probably why companies like Razor make RGB EVERYTHING for gamers (they know your weakness!), but that is another story. Today we would like to share our review of Color Tube™ (by Super Tapx) a crazily colorful game about speed and rainbows! …ok, maybe not rainbows…

Set in a colorful tube where one color is safe, and another is deadly💀 your mission in this game is to smash through matching colored walls, (i.e. the color of your ball v.s. the color of the wall), without accidentally crashing into any of the many other colored walls that are designed to confuse you.

Similar to Sky Rusher (by VOODOO) which we reviewed yesterday, Color Tube™ features a simple level based gameplay system that gradually increases in difficulty rather than an endless one that just goes on forever. For new players, this is great as it actually gives you a chance to figure out how to play the game – and for better players, you will always get a level you find challenging since you don’t have to play through the beginner stages like in an endless game.

Although not too difficult, the controls in Color Tube™ do kind of take some getting used to. Since your ball is rolling around a tube, it may seem logical to touch and drag your finger in a circular motion in order to control your player, however, Color Tube™ isn’t played like that… Instead, players are required to touch and drag their finger horizontally in order to rotate their player around the tube.

This will probably feel counter-intuitive at first, but once you get used to it, it isn’t too difficult.

With a simple yet very colorful design, a bunch of different player skins for you to unlock, and a moderate number of Ads, Color Tube™ is a fun little game for iOS and Android you may want to check out.

The Conclusion

Color Tube™ is a good game, however, as it is right now we think it lacks vital features it will need to keep you addicted. This could easily change after just a single update, but if it doesn’t, Color Tube™ will probably become one of those games you play for a few days… and forget about…

Fun while it lasts. 😓

Want to give Color Tube™ a try? The download link is just below.📲
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