Sky Rusher

Suprise! This is our review of Sky Rusher, the latest shot fired in the cold war between Ketchapp and VOODOO… We recommend reading this article together with our review of Horizon (by Ketchapp).

Sky Rusher by VOODOO is a simple “Touch and Drag” style action game about piloting the Millennium Falcon, we mean an unnamed ship that looks kind of familiar, though a twisting and turning tube without crashing and exploding. Simple hey?

The game is fairly simple and easy to play, featuring a level based gameplay system, Sky Rusher simply gets harder and harder as you progress through the game, requiring you to survive more and more obstacles in a single run in order to move on to the next level. Although challenging, the levels aren’t too difficult, which we actually found kind of surprising, but very welcome.

We may actually enjoy this level based gameplay system more than Horizon’s endless one.

Moving on to the graphics, Sky Rusher starts to get just a little disappointing, or at least a little disappointing when compared to the beautiful graphics featured in Horizon that is… Featuring a simplistic low-poly design, the graphics in Sky Rusher are acceptable. Although Sky Rusher probably won’t be winning any medals for its design any time soon, there are a bunch of different low-poly spaceships for you to unlock if you ever collect enough gems to actually do so…

Last but not least – the Ads… VOODOO games are well known for having a stupid number of Ads, but in the case of Sky Rusher – we could be wrong – but there seem to actually be fewer Ads!? This doesn’t mean that there are No-Ads, there are definitely a lot of Ads you will be required to sit through in order to play this game, however, there seem to be less of them which is always nice! Thanks, VOODOO!

The Conclusion

So far in the exciting battle for popularity between Ketchapp and VOODOO, we think Ketchapp may actually be in the lead by just a little, although not a lot…

If you would like to see for yourself what Ketchapp and VOODOO have brought to the gaming table, we highly recommend you check out our review of Horizon (by Ketchapp) but before you do…👇

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