From the developers of Catch Up and Falling Ballz comes a new game. Bricks is one of those simple games you could easily play for hours and hours! …so long as nothing disrupts your train of focus…

Saying that Bricks (by Ketchapp and Mempic) is a “simple game” is a gross understatement. Set on a colorful grid of 5 blocks that slowly rises up from the bottom of your screen, your mission in this game is to eliminate rows of blocks before they reach the top of your screen in order to both gain points and survive.

The game is played by sliding a colored block left and right across the screen of your device in order to match it up with the same colored block on the grid directly below you. The moment your block rests directly above its matching pair, the row is cleared out, allowing you to move on to the row below, and the row below that, …and the process repeats itself…

As some players may have already guessed, Bricks is a game about looking out for what is coming up ahead! Since you are given a clear view of what is coming up ahead, you can sometimes move your block into position before the previous animation has even finished, making you feel like a true pro-gamer.😎


To prevent players from getting too cocky, this game will – every so often – suddenly change the color of your block. This is confusing at first, however, you’ll likely soon get used to it, making you all the cockier.😓

Although being cocky usually isn’t a good thing in most games, Bricks doesn’t feature anything unexpected or uncontrollable with the potential to kill you. This means that if you’re good, there isn’t much stopping you from playing this game for hours without ever dying.

With a simplistic design, not too many ads, and no “additional features” other than the actual game itself, Bricks is another one of those games designed with core gameplay in mind! Nothing else! …and we must say, we like it…!

The Conclusion

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