Did you think Ballz by Ketchapp was addictive? If so, you’re in for a shock because today we’ve got a game that is going to turn Ballz upside down! …literally…😲

For the roughly 10 million players who fell in love with Ballz, Falling Ballz is basically the exact same game, just turned upside down. Instead of shooting balls up ⬆️ at blocks that gradually move down ⬇️ the screen, you drop balls down ⬇️ at targets that gradually move up ⬆️ the screen of your device. Confused?

The game is played by (touching and dragging) your finger across the screen in order to adjust the angle in which you shoot, and (releasing to fire). Although the game is fairly easy to both learn and to play, just like Ballz, you’ll need to focus on every shot if you truly intend on ever achieving a high score you can show off to your friends.

Now, for semi-serious players, there is a method to achieve a coveted high score.

(1) Always aim for the closest target even if it isn’t necessarily the largest target numerically. (2) Always take a moment to calculate how your balls will rebound off your target. (3) Have fun.😉

With the same simplistic 2D graphics we already love from Ballz and a gameplay system we actually find more addictive than the original(!) this is a game we expect most players will highly enjoy.

Last but not least, if you’re not into games that allow you to unlock new features over time, Falling Ballz gives you everything you need from the moment you first hit install. No gems to collect, no skins to unlock, just addictive gameplay!

The Conclusion

Falling Ballz is probably the single “funnest” game we reviewed this month, and we can see it gradually beginning to take over our lives just like the original Ballz did…

If you don’t mind having your life fully taken over once again, this is the game for you.

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